This website serves as a digital portofolio of the work of BEAUCHER & LEA architecture LLC through 2011, when our firm was formally closed. Many thanks and best wishes to all of our clients and colleages with whom we collaborated through the years!
- Steven Beaucher, Katharine Lea & James Bruneau

Karl's Sausage Kitchen
Saugus, Massachusetts

Working with repeat clients, BEAUCHER & LEA architecture updated of the image of Karl's Sausage Kitchen, a fixture for over 50 years on the famed US Route 1 strip in Saugus, MA. BEAUCHER & LEA architecture provided designs for a new logo, graphics and signage that honored the history of the business while simultaneously adding a gloss of fresh modernity to the image of the company. An integrated design vision was created including the new logos, new signage, a proposed new entry canopy, new lighting in the public spaces as well as proposed refinement of the employee and family break areas.

New Logo

Old sign (left) and new sign (right) with new logo designed by Beaucher & Lea. The crowd was gathered to celebrate the lighting of the sign for the first time.

New logo applied to company truck.


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