This website serves as a digital portofolio of the work of BEAUCHER & LEA architecture LLC through 2011, when our firm was formally closed. Many thanks and best wishes to all of our clients and colleages with whom we collaborated through the years!
- Steven Beaucher, Katharine Lea & James Bruneau


Whole House Reconstruction
Cambridge, Massachusetts

BEAUCHER & LEA architecture designed the total reconstruction of a 2,600SF single family residence in Cambridgeport. This project evolved to become a design/build exercise with much of the design and construction occurring simultaneously.

The project included totally removing the existing infrastructure of the house and inserting three new bathrooms, two new kitchens, a new home theater, and a new third floor master suite in a compact volume. As well, there was a total replacement of the HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems. All interior existing floor and wall framing was removed from the existing house. New floors and walls were reframed within, while the existing historic post and beam structure and sheathing were preserved. The structure was entirely re-sided and re-roofed and all windows were replaced. An existing screen porch was converted into a fully enclosed dining area with ample windows.

BEAUCHER & LEA architecture worked locally to procure fixtures, finishes and products for the project as well as provide local observation for the client who lived out of state in Nevada. Designs and products were reviewed with the client via a website created by BEAUCHER & LEA architecture exclusively for the project.

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Dining / Living
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