This website serves as a digital portofolio of the work of BEAUCHER & LEA architecture LLC through 2011, when our firm was formally closed. Many thanks and best wishes to all of our clients and colleages with whom we collaborated through the years!
- Steven Beaucher, Katharine Lea & James Bruneau

Melrose Residence Gut Renovation
Melrose, Massachusetts

Steven Beaucher redesigned the interior of an existing century-old two-family home that the client is converting back to its original use as a single family residence. The project is a total renovation with the homeowner performing most of the work. Steven worked directly with the homeowners to generate tailored floor plans and design drawings as well as coordinate structural engineering needed for significant reframing. The project is ongoing as the homeowners continue to build out the designs. Steven Beaucher continues to provide construction advice and drawings as well as assistance in the selection of finishes. Recently provided were detailed drawings allowing the homeowner to build custom kitchen cabinets.

BEAUCHER & LEA architecture LLC, 15 Eustis Street, Cambridge, MA 02140