This website serves as a digital portofolio of the work of BEAUCHER & LEA architecture LLC through 2011, when our firm was formally closed. Many thanks and best wishes to all of our clients and colleages with whom we collaborated through the years!
- Steven Beaucher, Katharine Lea & James Bruneau

SoWa Loft Fit-Out

Beaucher & Lea provided designs to add two bedrooms, a new master bath and new storage space to a newly built but unfinished loft in Boston's fashionable SoWa neighborhood. The design is intended as a progressive intervention to activate a previously spatially and aesthetically static space with translucent walls and doors as well as a rich material palette of glass, steel and cherry hardwood that wrap the new spaces. A new continuous transom of glass set above eye level allows natural light to penetrate above the spaces and deep into the previously dark floor plan.

All Photographs Copyright 2006 Brian Beaucher


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